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How it's happening. . . in a nutshell


Towards the end of Seph's battle with cancer, I promised him that I would find a way to have his Edendriver built. We talked about the possibility of his work continuing to lend us support after his death, as well as to lend support to a non profit cancer organization.  This is a difficult conversation to have with the love of your life as he approaches the end of his. I can think of no better way to honor Seph than to have hundreds of Edendrivers floating around out there in this world!  

In the fall of 2015 I held a memorial for Seph in Botany Bay, where his ashes were previously scattered.  We took an Edendriver out there, and afterwards I noticed the boat had a few chips in the bow. Stevie (my brother-in-law and part owner of Scout Boats) brought it to Scout for repair. Recently, Dan Higgins — a Scout dealer from Maine — was visiting Scout. He noticed the Edendriver, fell in love, and is going to manufacture and sell them! We are not sure who is responsible for the dings — if I knew, I would wrap my arms around them. This whole encounter was serendipitous, and I can't help but feel that perhaps Seph was responsible for it in some way. 


Seph left behind molds of the Edendriver, which I am leasing to my new friends at Puffin Boats in Hampden, Maine.  Puffin Boats will continue to build Seph's beautiful boat.  A portion of boat sales will come back to Ellen and me. I plan to set some aside for her future and donate a portion to, a non profit cancer organization that raises awareness for early detection. Seph chose to support this organization with profits from the Edendriver, as early detection could have saved his life. -- Leigh Limehouse


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